Ibn Khaldoun Academy

Comprehensive, Yet Flexible

Elementary Program:

Five-Year Program of Elementary Arabic, Tarbiya Islamiya and French

  • Ibn Khaldoun Academy has contracted with very qualified Curriculum Experts who spent all their careers in the Moroccan elementary educational system as teachers, principals and inspectors. Each team is specializing in a specific field: Arabic, Tarbiya Islamiya or French. They are working with a group of teachers from the United States who are familiar with the educational system in this country.
  • With their help and advice, Ibn Khaldoun Academy has designed a sound Five-Year Program especially tailored to our children living in the US. At the end of this program, students will, insha Allah, be able to:

    • Read, Write and Speak Basic Arabic.
    • Understand and Practice Basic Islamic Principles & Worships.
    • Read, Write and Speak Basic French.
    • Read, Write and Speak Basic Amazighia.

Intermediate Program:

Three-Year of Intermediate Program of Arabic, Tarbiya Islamiya and French

  • This program is for those who have successfully finished our Five-Year Elementary Program.
  • It is also meant for students who have previously attended full time Arabic schools, but would like to continue their Arabic and Islamic education on a part time basis.


  • Ibn Khaldoun Academy uses the program and textbooks approved by the Ministry of National Education in Morocco, as well as various other books and materials from the US.
  • Our Arabic textbooks emphasize diversity and will help our children learn about our history, geography and culture.
  • Our Islamic program emphasizes moderation, tolerance, coexistence, compassion and good morals.
  • In addition, Ibn Khaldoun uses innovative educational materials, resources and teaching techniques, including audio, video and computer lab.
  • Emphasis will be on classical Arabic, and the use of English during classes will be minimal.


  • Ability to choose one, two or more from the list of subjects offered.
  • Program available for beginners and intermediate levels.
  • Accelerated and intensive programs are also available.
  • All nationalities are welcome (we value diversity and cooperation).
  • Open for ages four and up, including teenagers and adults.

Please let us know of your specific needs!


  • Various social events to teach and celebrate our culture.
  • An interactive website for our children to:

    Award Prizes

  • Various activities to allow our kids to compete and excel:

    Academic Contests

  • Summer camp: Academic & Sports Activities.
  • And much more for the benefit of our children and the community at large!

Covers all ages:

  • Ibn Khaldoun Academy has expanded its programs to cover all ages:

    Children, Teenagers and Adults!!!

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